Dearest Sea Deity,

My name is Alex. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, raised in Houston, Texas, and have traveled many places during the summers because of my dad being military. I enjoy travelling, writing, painting, time with my 2 dogs (Wolfy & Ryder), reading and watching fantasy and sci-fi, and being outside in nature. I also love anime and manga. My go-to clothing is work-out clothes and jogger pants with tank tops and razorbacks. I love the cold and get sick in the heat.

I am a nanny who has struggled with body image, self-love, self-worth and binge eating for as long as I can remember. I have been trapped in the diet cycle since I was just a child. I’ve been on weight watchers, done low-carb diets, tried plant-based, and even went to the extreme of the HCG diet. None of these diets worked. They caused my binging to get worse. They caused my self-worth to get smaller and smaller until it almost disappeared.

I felt unworthy, undisciplined, stupid, and like a complete failure. These feelings were amplified by the people around me saying:

“If you just lost weight, you could get any guy.”

“You won’t get a job if you’re overweight.”

All of these things made me feel as if I was unlovable by others. Needless to say, my self-love was almost non-existent. Then, I started reading The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells and my entire world was blown open as I discovered the body positive, body acceptance movement.

I discovered FREEDOM.

It was because of this freedom and the many amazing BOPO leaders on Instagram that I have finally found happiness and MY PURPOSE.

That is why I have created Dearest Me. I want EVERY BODY to find the freedom that comes with accepting themselves completely just as they are.

Food freedom. Body freedom. Soul freedom.

My mission, Dearest Me’s mission, is to create an EVERY BODY-inclusive environment for ALL to talk, explore, learn and accept who they are a a whole - body, mind & soul, and to provide community, knowledge from experts and spiritual tools to help on this journey. We are a membership & subscription box to heal your relationship with yourself, your body and food while embracing your most authentic self.

With love,


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